Second Consultative Conference on Civil Service in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina,

Second Consultative Conference on Civil Service in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, held under the title: "Functioning of the Administrative System and Status of Employees in FBiH Administrative Bodies - Normative Framework", ended today in Sarajevo, after two days of work. Participants adopted numerous conclu-sions at the closing session, providing basis for future consultative and legislative ac-tivities that should insure unity of the civil service system in this BiH Entity.

Over 50 participants, representatives of Federal, cantonal and local authori-ties, representatives of the Union of Civil Servants and the Association of Cities and Municipalities, EU Delegation and the Mission, assembled at the Conference organ-ised by the Federal Ministry of Justice and the Federal Agency for Civil Service. The Mission has supported the event, both financially and through expert advisory ser-vices. In the open and sincere, occasionally passionate discussion, participants used the opportunity to express their views, stands and doubts in relation to the future of the public administration reform and civil service in particular.

In cooperation with the Association of Cities and Municipalities and the Mis-sion, organisers have prepared three working drafts of laws - Law on Civil Service in the Federation BiH, Model Law on Civil Service in FBiH Cantons and the Law on Civil Servants and Employees in the Local Units. These documents served as a founda-tion for work of three working groups at the Conference and were assessed as valu-able starting point for future legislative activities of Federal Parliament and cantonal assemblies. Laws are conceptualised to safeguard the basic unity of the civil service system in the Federation, balancing rights and obligations in performance of the pub-lic affairs and providing for merit-based, professional, efficient and transparent civil service.

Conclusions adopted at the Second Consultative Conference are the following:

1. Participants have expressed full support to establishment of the coordina-tion that Federal Minister of Justice, Mr. Zoran Mikulic, initiated together with the can-tonal ministers;
2. It was agreed that all proposals, suggestions and remarks in relation to the three draft laws have to be submitted to the ministry of Justice by 15th of September;
3. Unity of the civil service system has to be preserved, regardless on number of the laws that are going to be adopted and the levels of the governments that are going to adopt them. This unity has to be reflected in unified procedures and criteria for employment in civil service, unique plans and programs for the professional de-velopment of civil servants, common human resource management policy and cen-tral register of civil servants;
4. Participants from the cantonal authorities are tasked to prepare compre-hensive information and report respective cantonal government within one month;
5. Status of all employees at the local level has to be equal, regardless of the canton to which specific local unit belongs; and
6. The dialogue and cooperation of all interested parties, aimed at finding the optimal solution in this field, has to be continued.

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