Word of the director

Dear visitors,

Thank you for your expressed interest in activities of the Federal Civil Service Agency of B&H. We hope that our web page will help you to find organised and structured information about activities of the Agency in the domain of Public Administration reform.

Main responsabilities of the Agency are directed to fulfillment of duties stipulated by the Law:

-          revision of civil servants appointment system

-          planning and realization of the recruitment process for civil servants, upon request and in accordance with the demands of Civil Service authorities

-          organization and realization of the education, professional training and in-service perfecting of the civil servants and employed with Civil sevice authorities

-          expert assistance to the authorities in the realization of their Human Resources policy, organizational improvement and development as well as establishment and maintenance of a Registry of Civil Service Personnel

Alongside mentioned-above functions, the Agency is responsible for duties provided from Action Plan 1 of the Public Administration Reform Strategy  in the area of ''Human Resources Management''. Public Administration Reform in Federation of B&H connotes changes in working environment of Civil Service authorities and requires higher level of professionalized and qualified employed staff. All implemented and impending reforms have been considered as a final goal of establishing of a professional and high-qualified Civil Service which will be capable to respond to complex demands imposed by EU integration process.

Sead Maslo, B.Sc. Law







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